Welcome Message

It is so delightful to see all the colleagues around Indonesia and other countries, in this splendor and fruitful of learning and discussing many topics in Nutrition.

The event this year, the 9th Jakarta Annual Meeting on Clinical Nutrition is held with the Annual Scientific Meeting of Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Gizi Klinik.

The big theme is Broadening the Scope of Disease Prevention and Distinct Medical Nutrition Therapy based on ‘Immunity and Genetic Uniqueness’ in Enhanced Metabolic-Cellular Nutrition for Indonesia Gold Generation 2045.

Nowadays, physician nutritions specialists should treat their patients not with the usual type of treatment. We have to give a deep concern in the aspect of immunity and genetic for each person, for the uniqueness of the person we are handling with. In response of that, we should do the life-long learning studies to upgrade our knowledge, attitude of treatment, empathy to the patients, and finally to increase the quality of many people, especially the Indonesians which are constructed as Indonesia Gold Generation 2045 and the big impact of it to the world will follow, as well.

We’re still having another 21 years ahead, but those are not a very long years. Related to the medical quality improvement year by year, as artificial intelligent included. It is a very big challenge, task, and responsibilities to reach the vision of that 2045’s.

Have a wonderful moments with us along August 10 – 11, 2024. Hope to see you all soon!

dr. Anna Maurina Singal, SIKom, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Chairwoman of 9th JAMCN and PIT PDGKI 2024

Organizing Committe

Advisors : Dr. Widjaja Lukito, PhD, SpGK(K)
Dr. Victor Tambunan, MS, SpGK(K)
Dr. Win Johanes, MS, SpGK
Dr. dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc, MS, SpGK(K)
Dr. dr. Meilani Kumala, MS, SpGK(K)
Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK(K) Dr. dr. Inge Permadhi, MS, SpGK(K)
Dr. Ida Gunawan, MS, SpGK(K), FINEM
Chairwoman : dr. Anna Maurina Singal, SIKom, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Vice Chairman : Dr. Christopher Andrian, MGizi, SpGK
Treasurer : Dr. Steffi Sonia, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Secretariat and Equipment : Dr. Adelina Haryono, MGizi, SpGK
Dr. Wina Sinaga, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Funding Coordinator : Dr. Ida Gunawan, MS, SpGK(K), FINEM
Members : Dr. Feni Nugraha, MARS, MGizi, SpGK
Dr. Vania Roswenda, SpGK
Scientific Coordinator : Dr. dr. Nurul Ratna Mutumanikam, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Members : Dr. dr. Johana Titus, MS, SpGK(K)
Dr. Sri Sukmaniah, MSc, SpGK(K)
Dr. dr. Diana Sunardi, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Dr. Anna Maurina Singal, SIKom, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Event Coordinator : Dr. Diyah Eka Andayani, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Members : Dr. Krisadelfa Sutanto, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Dr. Yohanessa Wulandari, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Dr. Bintari Anindhita, SpGK
Publication and


: Dr. Wahyu Ika Wardhani, MGizi, MBiomed, SpGK(K), FINEM
Dr. Wiji Lestari, M.Gizi, SpGK(K)
Dr. Olivia Charissa, MGizi, SpGK
Dr. Raphael Kosasih, MGizi, SpGK
Poster : Dr. Steffi Sonia, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Dr. Lady Dhita Alfara, MGizi, SpGK(K)
Dr. Evania Astella, MGizi, SpGK