Welcome Speech

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Association of Physician Clinical Nutrition Specialist  Jakarta Branch, we would like to invite you to The 7th Jakarta Annual Meeting on Clinical Nutrition (JAMCN) 2020 in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting (Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan, PIT) of the Indonesia Association of Physician Clinical Nutrition Specialist (PDGKI) 2020.

The event is held every year to gather physicians and physician clinical nutrition specialists to learn and share the new knowledge of nutrition in clinical setting. The theme of the JAMCN 7th 2020 is Strengthening Foundation of Collaborative-Multidisciplinary Medical Nutrition Management: Be Ready for the Upcoming of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is already a reality. As the physician clinical nutrition specialists, we must be prepared for this transition. Investing in technology, automation, and professionals with specific competencies is a no-get-back in keeping with more and active in the practice. Therefore, it is the time now to look at this new milestone as an opportunity to have a different kind of knowledge that can make our practice productive, efficient, and sustainable. The 7 th JAMCN 2020 in conjunction with the PIT PDGKI 2020 will be held on August 28–30, 2020 at Sheraton Grand Gandaria City Hotel, Jakarta. There will be a series of symposium and workshop. We are convinced that the event will be beneficial in clinical practice to every doctor.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Arti Indira, MGizi, Sp.GK

Chairwoman of  7th JAMCN 2020

Organizing Committe

Advisors : Dr. Widjaja Lukito, PhD, SpGK (K)

Dr. Victor Tambunan, MS, SpGK (K)

DR. Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, MIT, MS, SpGK(K)

Dr. Win Johanes, MS, SpGK


Chairwoman : Dr. Arti Indira, MGizi, SpGK
Vice Chairman : Dr. Christopher Andrian, MGizi, SpGK


Secretary : Dr. Marya W. Haryono, MGizi, SpGK


Treasurer : DR. Dr. Inge Permadhi, MS, SpGK(K)


Secretariat and Equipment : Dr. Rosnah Pinontoan, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Sanny Ngatidjan, MGizi

Dr. Eleonora Mitaning Christy, MGizi

Dr. Alexander Santoso, MGizi


Funding Coordinator : Dr. Henie Susanto, MS, SpGK
Members : DR. Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK (K)

Dr. Cindiawaty Josito, MARS, MS, SpGK

Dr. Ida Gunawan, MS, SpGK (K)

Dr. Win Johanes, MS, SpGK

Scientific Coordinator : Dr. Anna Maurina Singal, MGizi, SpGK
Members : Dr. Sri Sukmaniah, MSc, SpGK (K)

DR. Dr. Johana Titus, MS, SpGK (K) Dr.

Dr. Meilani Kumala, MS, SpGK (K)

Dr. Ingka Nilawardani, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Lady Dhita A, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Nurul Ratna M. MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Steffi Sonia Halim, Mgizi, SpGK

Dr. Wiji Lestari, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Imelda Goretti, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Yohannessa Wulandari, MGizi, SpGK


Event Coordinator : Dr. Eva Kurniawati, MGizi, SpGK
Members : Dr. Zairida Rafidah Noor, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Della, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Kristina Joy, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Feni Nugraha, MGizi


Publication and


: Dr. Olivia Charissa, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Rozana Nurfitri, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Patricia Amanda, MGizi


Poster : Dr. Lady Dhita A, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Ingka Nilawardani, MGizi, SpGK


Malam keakraban : Dr. Dorna, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Francesca Kwan, MGizi, SpGK

Dr. Krisadelfa Sutanto, MGizi, SpGK