Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the The Association of Physician of Clinical Nutrition Specialist in Jakarta Branch, I would like to invite you to The 6th Jakarta Annual Meeting of Clinical Nutrition (JAMCN). This event is held every year to gather medical doctor and clinical nutrition physician specialist to learn and sharing the new knowledge of nutrition in clinical setting. The theme of JAMCN this year is Enhancing the Management of Obesity and Related Diseases through Nutrigenomic Intervention – A New Medical Perspective.

We arrange the theme due to the important aspect of nutrigenomics provide deep insight into a person’s unique health trajectory, empowering clinicians to practice truly personalized nutrition. The application of this science in Indonesia is still new and the knowledge base is small. This field is growing quickly and the practice of truly personalized nutrition depends on a clinician’s knowledge and clinical skills.

This 6th JAMCN will held on August, 24-25, 2019 in Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta. There will be a series of symposium and workshop and also pre-congress workshop which is held on February, 23rd 2019. We are convinced that this event will be useful in clinical practice for every doctor. Sincerely hope to meet you there.

Chairwoman of The 6th JAMCN 2018

Dr. Arti Indira, MGizi, SpGK

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